McIlroy Reclaims World Number One Spot

In spite of losing the playoffs in the Wells Fargo Championships to Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy has scaled the heights to reach the top of the golf rankings once again, having overtaken Luke Donald in the process.

Although the loss at the Wells Fargo Championships could haunt the 23 year Irishman forever, due to the fact that he almost had the event in his pocket and spurned the chance to go on top with a win on his birthday, he can take solace from the fact that he is the top golfer in the world at the moment, again and there is not too many people around who can challenge him for his position.

Another source of his consolation would be that he lost the final to his contemporary Fowler instead of some old timer. Along with the two 23 year olds, DA Points, the 35 year old golfer was also a part of the playoff at the event but the entire concentration and focus of the people was on the two 23 year olds, battling it out for supremacy, a battle that the American golfing public had long been waiting to see.

Speaking to the media after the event, Rory McIlroy stated that it was a kind of consolation to return to the world number one position but added that he badly wanted to win the tournament. He also extended his congratulations to Rickie Fowler as well, adding that with his talent, he deserved to win the title and hoped that this win will act as the springboard in his career.
But what has perplexed Rory McIlroy the most is how he managed to spurn the chance to win his third consecutive American title in regulation time owing to some stray shots, displaying that even the very best also have flaws.