Angel Cabrera withdraws from the PGA

The Cordoba, as Argentina born golf professional Angel Cabrera is popularly called, withdrew his participation from the PGA championship on the second day of the tournament.

“Cabrera bid an early goodbye to the last Major of the season”, said a PGA championship official that is taking place in Kentucky, United States at the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville.

“I am unwell, my performance and play both have been affected” said Cabrera when asked about his early departure from the tournament. The Cordoba indeed had a bad run which ended on Thursday when he finished a depressing 154th. However, in the thirteen holes played, he did manage to squeeze in three bogeys, double bogeys and seven pairs.
The Cordoba was a strong contender for the championship. He won the Greenbrier Classic in early July, this year thereby snapping a title that stood for five long years on the PGA tour. “They say ‘Morning shows the Day, I had a first day that was very bad. I was crippled and there hardly were left any chances where I could find ground and make a cut,” said Cabrera who had played appreciably well till the beginning of the tournament.

Cabrera’s luck has not been very favorable lately as he failed to achieve good results this season in Major tournaments. The British Open saw him at his best at the 19th place while he did not make a cut in the US Open and the Masters. This PGA championship had him withdraw before it could end.

Sources revealed that the Cordoba has sustained a shoulder injury, but that did not deter the brave man from making an appearance at the PGA. “I respect the man for the respect he has for the game,” an official said when Cabrera signed up for the tournament with his injury.