Swipe at Unexpected Criticism From Nick Faldo By Sergio Garcia

Faldo, the Europe’s highest ever Ryder Cup point scorer and a former captain has been talking against Garcia. He has described Garcia to be of no use during the loss in 2008. He had also laid accusations against him saying that he did not carry a very good attitude.

To all these comments Garcia thought everyone had been joking. He thought that he was hearing everything wrong and it was very disheartening to hear all of it. He said that the reason Faldo had been saying things might be because he did not value or feel European enough. He thought that was the only reason possible. He has not said anything further on the grounds that he did not want to bend down to the level that Faldo went and so things remain unsaid.

However, with all the fir team mate Greame Mcdowell has been more than happy o get involved and play his part. He has been keen on giving his point of view and making a comment. He has taking instances from the 2008 game where the pairing was Garcia and Westwood. They were the best Ryder Cup pairings but still they had lost the game. On this basis he feels that the comment made by Faldo that he was useless is fairly correct as he did not play well.

There have been a lot of support as well that has come for Garcia after the statements have been made. Fellow mate McIlroy stood by his side and told that he was not useless. He also replied back sarcastically that he too loved Faldo. Garcia and McIlroy did not look very good in the morning. They lost to Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley. Europe was on charge soon with Garcia and McIlroy when they made the last three holes. They secured their half.